What are Smart Speakers? History of Smart Speakers!

What are Smart Speakers? History of Smart Speakers!

What are Smart Speakers? History of Smart Speakers!:

Smart Speakers, does it sound familiar? Yet it does. Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri and Cortana in a speaker, it already sounds like a next generation thing. Smart Speakers
Smart speakers are modern technologies that can perform different tasks under the voice command of the user and can fit your needs. Every smart speaker uses its own voice assistant (For Eg: Amazon Echo has Alexa built in it). Smart Speakers.

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Smart Speakers were first introduced by Amazon in 2016. Amazon introduced Amazon Echo that had a voice assistant called Alexa. But, voice assistants were introduced way before the introduction of Smart Speakers as Apple announced Siri in 2011 that was available in iPhones and now have made its way to speakers.

Just like every coin has two sides, every element on Earth has its pros and cons and the same rule is applied to these devices.


Voice Assistants: With the introduction of voice assistants in smart speakers, it is easier for us to get information rather than surfing the web for information or searching it in a book.


  • Compatibility Issue: Currently, smart speakers are not able to connect and control some smart devices due to compatibility issue. Some of the companies are expecting to solve this problem in coming future.
  • Ads: Even though ads have become just like a basic part of our life but the frustration of ads in smart speakers are on the next level. Just think of you listening some music to a speaker and you are interrupted by an ad, smart speakers are even worse than basic speakers if seen from this perspective.
  • Hacking: Smart speakers are easily hacked and an intruder can control all of your smart devices as it is a part of IoT.
  • Availability: The biggest issue of smart speakers is that it is available in only some countries of the world.(For Eg: People from Nepal cannot enjoy Smart Speaker service.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion:

Besides all the cons, my thoughts on smart speakers is pretty positive and I don’t think people of the 90’s could have even imagined of telling a speaker to perform tasks and even asking questions to them.
So, the final words you wanna hear from me is whether to buy it or not. Then it’s a yes and a no.

Why yes:

Smart Speakers are a revolution to speakers even if they are in their first generation. They are a new step in IoT and indicate more revolution and evolution in technology. They are smart enough to answer your basic questions like (“What is the weather like?”).

Why No:

Sadly there are more points that say no than the points that say yes. Firstly, if the smart speakers are not available in your region then it’s a big fat no. Due to competitions, smart speakers are even worse as Apple smart speakers won’t support Google products and Google smart speakers won’t support Netflix and so on. And it is not possible to buy separate products and subscriptions for different speakers. And the last reason is that these speakers currently won’t fulfill our needs in a practical way for the long run.

Thank You guys, this much for today’s article. Hope you have had a good time with this article. If you want to share your thoughts with smart speakers please comment down below. It would be great if you can do so. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and families. So, that they could know something about smart speakers and their history with pros and cons. Thank You So Much!

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