How to start coding as a beginner programmer? – Programming Tips

How to start coding as a beginner programmer? – Programming Tips

How to start coding as a beginner programmer? : Starting Coding is not hard but it is not easy though. There may be many difficulties while learning and start coding. So, the important thing you must have is patience.

Video Transcript

Hey guys how it is going this is Kovid from Coder Kovid YouTube channel. Back again with another video at this channel. So, the topic of this video is little bit common which is, ‘How to start coding as a beginner.’ In this video, I will be clearing your thoughts in this topic. So, without getting set let’s jump right into it.

So, when the question arises ‘How can I start coding as well?’ then we just ignore those questions thinking either it’s not my field of interest or it is hard to start. So, guys if you feel it’s not your field of interest then you can follow your interest but if you are ignoring those questions by saying, ‘It’s hard to start’ then you should definitely watch this video completely. Because I will be sharing some answers to your question and guiding you through how you can also start coding from 0 level.

start coding

Main Topic

As I previously mentioned in my previous video that learning to code is not that hard than that of learning to make and create logic. I want to share an incident that happened to me. Once I was playing qualification round of code jam and it took me around 3 hours to figure what was the question and 2 hours to think how I can write that program. This was the incident around 1 and ½ years ago when I was starting programming and when I started to write code of all 3 questions the round was completed 3 hours earlier. So, while there are some competition going on the main role is of your programming logic.

So, if you will be perfect to make good programming logic then you can also write programs efficiently. So, you might be thinking then how can I make good programming logic. To make good programming logic and increase your logic then you might play some competitions online from different resources like, codefights, codecademy, coderbyte, etc. So, start by joining there competition online where you can play with programmed robots and humans too. After you will be master in competing with others then join the competitions in your locality too. It will increase your problem solving capacity and makes you well qualified to learn to code. Then after that start taking part in international coding competitions too which can increase your data structures.

My Suggestion

start coding

So, if you think that programming is hard and I can’t even start. Then you’re totally wrong I understand that programming is hard but keep this in mind that everyone is human with the same brain just you need is the way to roam it where you want. So, if every programmer will think that programming is hard then there won’t be programmers today. So, make mindset that programming is hard but I can do it as I have the capability to do it. Then you will find easy to learn to code.

So, after increasing your problem solving capacity start to write programs. And make programs that can fulfill people’s need and necessities.


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Keep Coding, Keep Smiling.

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