What Programming Language Should I learn?

What Programming Language Should I learn?

What Programming Language should i learn : Learning Programming Language?? It’s hard to choose which to learn among lots of them like, Python, Javascript, JAVA, C++, C#, Swift, Ruby, etc. But in this article you will get into the right choice. So, stay tuned with this one. I will be explaining about What Programming Language should i learn? Let’s jump right into it! Learn programming language.

Main Point

Learning Programming Language isn’t a hard thing but the main thing comes when you are understanding the logic behind the codes. Every big companies like, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc hire employees by three factors. i.e. Problem Solving Capacity, Data Structure, and Communication Skill. You will be just amazed to know that you don’t even need a College degree to be hired from these companies. And they don’t see which programming language you know but what they see is the problem solving capacity.

Common things

So, Every Programming Language has it own place and the common thing among all the programming languages are the syntax. Every syntax in every language is as similar as others like in actual language also, the expressing emotions are similar. So, you can choose any programming language but you have to do master in it. So, that you would be able to code anything.

Talking about the simplest and high demand programming language here are the top 10 list of programming language based on order of their simplicity, productivity and compatibility.

  1. Python
  2. Javascipt
  3. JAVA
  4. C#
  5. Ruby on Rails
  6. C++
  7. PHP
  8. Swift
  9. SQL
  10. Rust

So, you can choose any among them. But python is one of the best programming language ever. You can do, web development, software development, cognitive development, Data Science, Machine Learning, Neural Networking, Artificial Intelligence, etc with Python. So, in my suggestion you should go with python


What Programming Language should i learn

The next one might surprise some people. It’s shown up on a few surveys. I’ve gathered data from many surveys and this one has shown up quite a few times, but I’m not basing it just off of the survey data. It’s definitely not at the top but it’s close. It’s number 5 according to the survey data, but I wouldn’t really call it number 5. It’s more like #2, and here’s why. There’s a lot of good things going for Python here for 2018. One of them, like I said, is that a lot of companies, a lot of teams are migrating to Python and they’re already using Python.

It’s already a popular language. There’s already plenty of jobs out there. Not only that, but here’s the thing, when you look on Amazon, when you look at the books, the most popular programming books, most of them are Python. I know this because I have books. I look. I’ve got The Complete Developer’s Career Guide. And I’ve got Soft Skills: The Software Developer’s Life Manual and those are pretty high-ranking books. I’m always looking at the book rankings, and I can see clearly that the books that are ranking the highest in many categories are Python books, especially beginner Python books. That’s interesting.

Books on Python

Most of the new books that are coming out that are popular that are doing well on Amazon, which is a really good indicator, are beginner books or beginner books on Python. Most of those are beginner books. Those are actually the most popular programming language books. That’s a real good indicator of the future, because if all these people are reading Python books and learning Python, there’s a reason for it. That tells you that there’s going to be a high demand. That tells you that that is also a good language for beginners. If you’re considering learning a new programming language for 2018, Python makes a lot of sense. It’s a really good language, high adoption, high movement in that space. There’s a lot of stuff that’s going on in that space. What Programming Language should i learn?

But the main problem come where to get courses for free. Not to worry about I have a solution for it. Go to the link below and get free access to Learn Python Programming course through which you can get amazing python stuffs. I upload python and programming videos there.

Link : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXnwUS1gkXHywE7Mqgxpk7CMiVNVceEhH


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