Programming Skills to Learn in 2018

Programming Skills to Learn in 2018

Programming Skills to Learn in 2018

Times change pretty quickly. What you learned in the end of 2017 is not much relevant anymore. And things have changed a lot. In 3 or so months, you’d find new skills to learn. So here are some of the skills that you can check out. Though some skills change pretty fast. You can think of some of the below skills for a year or two worth of consistent work. Take a look at the upcoming strong programming skills. programming skills to learn


Node is not a programming language. It is a javscript runtime. And there seems to be a lot of binding and modules being written on top of it. So you can do a lot of interesting stuff using the node js. I’d say if you are planning to learn node js then check out youtube tutorials. And also make sure to learn the node through examples. That’s the best way to learn node and make progress ahead. programming skills to learn

Docker and Kubernete

These two are pretty much important networking skills. And most of the developers are being asked to make use of them while developing the apps. You can also use them for most of the skill work. They seem like easy but they can be harder to get used to as well. Most of the deployment type jobs require you to make use of those skills. So I’d recommend making use of these skills. And learn more about it. programming skills to learn


I am sure we are not in 2010 now. But as of now, the Git is one of the essential skills. And people do make use of the git for uploading the data to the server. And there seems to be a lot of things that you may have to learn as well. I personally have tried to make use of the bitbucket and github to test my skills. Regularly using the git is one of the ways to keep in touch with it. Commit your side projects on github. programming skills to learn


This is not a new database. But a lot of people are migrating from the MySQL and choosing to make use of the PostgreSQL. And it seems like many startup and small business are following the trend. And you can see that there are many online hosting sites that accept postgreSQL, you can learn postgreSQL video. So if you are planning to work on some of the online services then postgreSQL is worth taking a look at as well.

These are some of the in-demand skills that you should know for most of the Upwork specific programming skills. Though there are many other unlisted skills. So a lot of things to catch up on regular basis. Basically freelancing is the best option for learning programming languages. There are many websites which offer the peoples to present their freelancing websites.

In the upcoming post, I would let you know about the best websites that let peoples present their freelancing services. I will also make the best listing of the features of those websites. programming skills to learn

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