The Most Important Thing For a Successful Programmer

The Most Important Thing For a Successful Programmer

The Most Important Thing For a Successful Programmer. The most asked question by future programmers. In this lesson we will be covering some of the most important thing for a successful programmer.

So, we will do a mental preparation on the things for a successful programmer.

You should know it all step wise. Don’t get bored and don’t put pressure thinking that I can’t be a Successful Programmer because I don’t have the following habits. Rather than this start adopting those habits so that you can be a successful programmer.

ConcentrationThe Most Important Thing For a Successful Programmer

The main part of programming is problem solving and logic making. In this case you should have full amount of concentration in you so that you can pay your full attention toward programming and coding.

So, start from small things to increase your concentration like, use many exercises, meditations, etc. They will be helpful to make you more programmable.


Programming isn’t Hard

Many of people nowadays, just leave programming saying that programming is hard. But that’s not the fact in fact programming is most profitable and easiest job in market. Seeing its outcome little hardness is okay. You should just try to eliminate that thinking by controlling your mind. Here are the thinking every successful people eliminate their mind from.

  1. I am not good in mathematics
  2. I am not made for programming.
  3. I should choose a new language.
  4. This is a boring thing.
  5. I should continue programming later.
  6. I should just leave programming this is not suitable.

You also should eliminate these as well as other negative things of programming to be a successful programmer.


Play with Codes

The fun thing to do in programming is just playing with codes. Let’s suppose that I am writing a python script for check if the letter starts with a or not. We can just play around with codes like something.startswith(‘s’) or something[0] == ‘a’ and others. So, make sure you have good relation between you and your codes. So, that you will not forget their syntax.

This is the best way to memorize codes which may lead you to be a successful programmer.


DRY : Don’t Repeat Yourself

This DRY principle is the well known principle in programming world. Every programmer should follow this principle so that they could do less mistakes. Like, If I have to print ‘Coder Kovid’ 5 times rather than printing it all 5 times I can simply use FOR Loop which can reduce my repetition of code and can help me to figure out bugs as soon as possible. Almost every successful programmer have to use this principle. This can also save your time in coding and programming.


Plan a Schedule

The Most Important Thing For a Successful Programmer

Planning a schedule is so much necessary where there comes the work of programming. You should just specify the time in which you want to code. This will help you to be punctual in every thing and attend each and every events in your daily life.

Like, You can make a schedule in which you will put programming for 8 hours or 5 hours but until you finish that project be consistent with the same schedule. So, this can help you to be a successful programmer.


So, guys these were some things you should be well known with which can lead you to become a good and a successful programmer. Hope you guys have got some knowledge on  The Most Important Thing For a Successful Programmer. If you do so, please be sure to give your feedback in your comment section down below.

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