What is IOT? Internet Of Things!

What is IOT? Internet Of Things!

Internet Of Things?: Hey guys welcome back to my blog. In this blog I provide informative content for new beginner to computers and networks. Specially for coding and programming. In this post I am here to tell you something about IOT (Internet Of Things). So, let’s get started.

IOT or Internet of things

Definition of IOT

IOT (Internet of Things) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity which enables these objects to connect and exchange data.

Applications of IOT

IOT or Internet of things

IOT has the wide range of uses in todays world. Many people are doing more research on it. Every things you found in your home connected to internet, there is use of Internet of things. Some of the applications of IOT are mentioned down below.

  1. Robotics
  2. Home Automation
  3. Bank
  4. Schools
  5. Medical and Health
  6. Shopping Centres

Efforts done for IOT

IOT or Internet of things

Many people are giving their effort to grow the sector of Internet of things. Due to these efforts we are able to now see our houses on maps in our phone. Due to these we are able to navigate ourselves. Automation can be possible just because of Internet of things. So, many scientist are researching to increase the sector of Internet. They are making new technology which can improve our coming generations.


To summarize the above content, Internet of things is the network of physical devices. In every sector of our life we are adopting new technology of Internet of things. So, in this era of science and technology the importance of Internet of things has massively increased in a reputed manner.

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